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Jason Hare
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New Registrations

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The forum, unfortunately, gets a lot of spam daily—a fact that makes discovering the real people among the bots very difficult.

Anyone wishing to sign up for B-Hebrew is asked to read through the forum announcements and policies, register a new user on the forum, and then send the attached email to Kirk and Jason, replacing the names in the body of the mail with the appropriate information. Notice that B-Hebrew requires users to sign their posts with their real names (policy here).

If you do not have a mail client set up, you can email either Kirk or Jason directly at:
Kirk: kirkelowery[at]gmail[dot]com
Jason: jason[at]thehebrewcafe[dot]com
Include the username that you have chosen.

Those who do not alert us to their registration may get overlooked. We apologize for the inconvenience of dealing with so much spam, but it is a reality of our present digital world, and we're doing our best to prevent a mess on the forum.

Thanks for your understanding.

נוֹדֶה לָכֶם עַל־אֹ֫רֶךְ אַפְּכֶם
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