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Server crash and recovery

Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:27 pm
by Kirk Lowery

On July 19, 2016, the server supporting our forum had a catastrophic crash. In the time since, we found a new hosting service ( and created a new domain. These changes will greatly improve bhebrew's operation. Trust me. :twisted:

However, the recovery was not glitch-free. It turns out that backups were made only up to May 20th. This means all postings and all new members between May 20 and July 19 were "lost". I have complete copies of all postings, so I will gradually restore those, although I may not be able to restore the original timestamps. As of this date, I'm still researching that possibility.

Because of the nature of the upgrade to the forum software, all my "bhebrew" modifications need to be made by hand: color palatte, banner graphics, etc. I will be doing this incrementally, but we wanted to get the forum up and useable. The "pretty" will come bit by bit over this next week.

If your membership has disappeared, then please simply join again.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We believe that the changes we've made in hosting will dramatically improve stability and service.

As always, PM me (Kirk Lowery) with any concerns or problems. Or you can email me at We ask all members to log in as soon as possible and verify their account and membership is in order.

I will post additional updates on progress and changes to this thread.

Re: Server crash and recovery

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:58 am
by S_Walch
Wahay - at least we're back :D