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Re: Hebrew names

Postby Saboi » Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:56 pm

There is a crucial and important element in the story Abraham & Sarah that people have ignored, the change
of name that represents the change of dialects, Abraham emigrated (ἤπειροι/עברי ) into the mainland and there
he adopted the dialect

-change in pronunciation-
Εὕρημα (אברם) > Εὕρεμα (אברהם)
Κυρία (שרי) > Κύρα (שרה)

In Genesis 17:1, the god was introduced too Abraham as שדי and this also changed, note the similarity between שדי & שרי and -ία (י) was changed to -α (ה)

Διά (שדי) > יה

κυρία - mistress or lady of the house
- גבירה ( 2 Kings 10:13)

The word גביר aligns with κϝυρ, the guttural drops out, βρα, labials ב/מ hence מρα in the word מרא 'Lord' (Daniel 4:24)
κῦρος and all derivs. are post-Hom. (Cf. Skt. śūas 'valiant', OIr. caur 'hero', Welsh cawr 'giant'.)

The word developed into many meaning, 'Hero' ( ἥρῳ- ) the homolog -אל, a dialectic form of κύρ- or -שר
so-naming the mistress of Abraham (שרה), Zeus (Ἥρα)

A similar thing occurs with Hercules, his original name is Alcaeus or Alcides and his mother is Alcmene
and these are suspiciously Hebrew sounding names,
Ἀλκείδης - Ἡρακείδης - Ἡρακλείδης (Interchanging prefixes)

Hercules was born in Thebes (תבץ)

Arrian - Anabasis XVI
Heracles was honored in Tyre many generations before Cadmus set out from Phoenicia and occupied Thebes, and before Semele, the daughter of Cadmus, was born, from whom Dionysus.

Judges 9:50
Then went Abimelech to Thebez, and encamped against Thebez, and took it.
The Septuagint reads תבץ as θήβης (Thebes)


Re: Hebrew names

Postby Saboi » Fri Dec 07, 2018 10:20 pm

Εὕρημα - אברם
Εὕρεμα - אברהם

Εὕ, as pronounced in modern Greek, resembles -אב

Εὕρεμα means 'invention, discovery, covered by chance, foundling, luck
and this fits the character, since his father begot him at the age of seventy
and thus an unexpected piece of luck.

ρημα roots ῥητός, ῥήτρα 'covenanted' hence ברית 'Covenant'
ῥήτρα κτίσις "New Covenant" (ברית חדש )
θηράω (Theraw) 'seek after, too discover' (תורה)

II.that which is found unexpectedly, i. e., much like Ἕρμαιον, a piece of good luck, godsend, windfall, prize
http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/mor ... ek#lexicon

a god-send, wind-fall, reputed to be a gift of the god Hermes, as in Latin of Hercules

Thus Abraham gains some of the attributes of Hermes.

Genesis 13:2 'Cattle-herding and commerce
Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold.

Arcadia (Birth-place)
ארפכשד, אור כשדים
Ἀρκάς , Ἀρκαδία, Ἀργολίδα,

Aeschylus Agamemnon Verse 1035 ( 500 BCE )
or even Alkmene’s son, men say, once endured to be sold and to eat the bread of slavery (μάζης )

Genesis 19:3
Unleavened bread (מצות)

Hermes (חרם)

חרם ( H2764 )
- חרמון, Ἕρμαιών 'Dedicated too Hermes'
- Ιέρωμα "consecrated object"
- Ιερός "Holy, Sacred"
- Ἑρμῆς 'pillar supported by busts, heap of stone


Re: Hebrew names

Postby Saboi » Sat Dec 08, 2018 7:39 pm

Aholibamah - אהליבמה

αὖλις 'Tent' (αὐλῇ, αὐλία, αὔλιος)
βωμός 'Raised platform' (βωμῷ, βῆμα, βᾶμα)

1 Kings 14:23
For they also built them high places (במות) , and images, and groves.

The translation here is generic and according too the Lexicon of במה, From an unused root (meaning to be high)
but is better defined with the Greek lexicon of βωμός.

βωμός - 'raised platform, stand, altar with a base, base of a statue, the altar of a god on a mountain.

Since the lexicon roots βωμός from βαίνω/βᾶ then במה can be rooted from בוא.

https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/le ... 1116&t=KJV
http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/mor ... ek#lexicon

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