Tiberian Pronunciation: New Book by Geoffrey Khan

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Tiberian Pronunciation: New Book by Geoffrey Khan

Post by Schubert »

I've come across a very recent two volume book on The Tiberian Pronunciation Tradition of Biblical Hebrew by Geoffrey Khan, the Regius Professor of Hebrew at Cambridge: https://www.openbookpublishers.com/product/951 .

It is open access.

The introduction to the second volume begins:
"This volume presents an edition and English translation of the sections of the Masoretic treatise Hidāyat al-Qāriʾ ‘Guide for the Reader’ that concern the consonants and vowels. This medieval work constitutes an important primary source for the reconstruc- tion of the Tiberian pronunciation tradition, and it has been con- stantly referred to in volume 1."
John McKinnon
Jason Hare
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Re: Tiberian Pronunciation: New Book by Geoffrey Khan

Post by Jason Hare »

That's a fantastic share. Thanks for pointing it out to me (by mail).

I think it's important to realize that we don't pronounce things the same as the Masoretes intended us to with their points. However, as long as you're consistent (which helps you commit things to memory) and clear (which helps others understand you), it'll all be good. I use the modern pronunciation since I live in Israel, and it doesn't seem to fall short for biblical Hebrew.
Jason Hare
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Re: Tiberian Pronunciation: New Book by Geoffrey Khan

Post by talmid56 »

Thanks for sharing, Schubert! Open access scholarly works like this are always welcome!
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Re: Tiberian Pronunciation: New Book by Geoffrey Khan

Post by Kirk Lowery »

Geoffrey Khan is very good about sharing his research. See his account in academia.edu. I've profited much from his writing.
Kirk E. Lowery, PhD
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Re: Tiberian Pronunciation: New Book by Geoffrey Khan

Post by ducky »

The Tiberian pronunciation was used in Tiberia but not in other places.

At that time, there were other Hebrew pronunciations but everyone graced the Tiberian one since there were a lot of Masoretic and wise scribes there.

Eventually, the Sephardic way (which was also was used in Israel at that time) is the one that most followed, and this is as the modern Hebrew is (with rare changes)

Even though this pronunciation wasn't common to reach everyone, its grammar and vowels-rule was used by everyone

So the Mt bible is based on the Tiberian one
but the pronunciation is based on the "israeli" one that was more common
David Hunter
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