Qamets Qatan Spreadsheet

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Charles Loder
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Qamets Qatan Spreadsheet

Postby Charles Loder » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:51 am

I've been compiling a spreadsheet of occurrences of qamets qatans. If anyone is interested is interested in helping, you can edit the sheet.

I'm working on a project to programmatically syllabify biblical Hebrew words, but the qamets qatan always proves to be an issue. For starters, the metheg is not always used consistently. Also, it is easier to pattern match the text without the ta'amim. The plan is to match occurrences of the patterns that contain a qamets qatan and replace the regular qamets with the qamets qatan unicode character. This way there will be a semantic distinction between the two types making it easier to distinguish between closed and open syllables.

Most lexical forms that get a qamets qatan are either II-w verbs and qûtl type nouns.

Any help is appreciated!

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