Looking for Suggestions

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Jason Hare
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Looking for Suggestions

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I'm interested in putting together a short course on readings in the Hebrew Bible to be given online over Zoom.

I'm looking for suggestions and recommendations on which text(s) to use.

This is for people who have finished the first year of biblical Hebrew grammar at university level. The group has already worked through Jonah and Ruth.

I've been looking at using John Cook and Robert Holmstedt's Intermediate Biblical Hebrew (Amazon link), which uses comics to roughly illustrate the contents of 1 Kings 17–19, 21–22, and 2 Kings 2 with unadapted Hebrew and a noticed emphasis on analysis of word order and verbal aspect. I really enjoy Cook's views on these issues, and the text is beautifully presented. Have you had a look at it?

Is there anything that you might recommend beyond this or in its stead for a good introduction to reading?

Jason Hare
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Re: Looking for Suggestions

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I haven't used them, but GlossaHouse has several illustrated readers in comic book style for the Hebrew texts of Joshua, Genesis, Exodus, and Ruth, Esther, Jonah (the latter 3 books combined in one volume). The sample page you can see on the website looks promising. Here's a link to their page: https://www.glossahouse.com/illustrated-biblical-texts. The Ruth one also has audio avaiable. There is also a comic style version of Jonah with the Hebrew at http://www.animatedhebrew.com/jonah/jonah_01.html that has audio. For vocabulary and grammar helps, Charles L. Echols has produced Reading Guides to Jonah and Ruth that are excellent. I have used the Jonah one and found it helpful. Both are free downloads (pdfs) from his page at Academia.edu, https://portergaud.academia.edu/CharlesLEchols.
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