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Transition update

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:47 am
by Kirk Lowery
I think it will be of interest to forum members to hear about some of the changes we've made since we've begun our new forum.

  • The old B-Hebrew discussion list is now closed. No more posting to that list is permitted.
  • Of the nearly 800 email addresses on the old list, we now have over 100 members here. I believe that all the active members (i.e., those who are more than passive receivers) have made the transition.
  • We have made changes in order to foil spambots: to register, it is now necessary to answer a question challenge that requires a minimum knowledge of Hebrew. Right now, it is "What is the name (in Latin letters) of the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet?"
  • Newly registered members are placed on moderation for the first three posts that they make. This is to make sure they are not spambots.
Since instituting these changes, we have had no instances of spam, and reduced the administrators' work considerably. Thank you for your patience during these early days.

As always, please contact the moderators if there is something we can do to make your experience more effective. We don't promise we can always do what you request, but we'll make every effort to come up with some sort of practical solution or workaround.

Good transition

Posted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:56 pm
by jacob
Shalom Kirk,

It is very clear that much planning and work has been put into the transition. Congratulations to you and you team on the good work.

Lascelles James