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Re: Movies I like and recommend

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Kenneth Greifer wrote: Sat Jan 15, 2022 9:52 pm Wow. I hate superhero movies, but I did see a parody of them called "Superhero Movie" from 2008 which makes fun of Spiderman and Batman, etc. I think it is funny. Not the best. I refuse to watch any of the Superhero movies or Star Wars movies. I am obsessed with the movie "Blast from the Past" which is about a guy whose parents mistakenly think nuclear war has broken out and they live in fallout shelter under their house for 35 years where he is born, and he goes out after 35 years and thinks the people are mutants, etc. It is a cute love story. I try to get people to watch it.
It is actually free with ads on Youtube right now. Does it show up in Israel too?
I use a VPN, so even if it isn’t available in Israel, I can view it. I don’t know how anyone could hate superhero movies or Star Wars. Yikes!
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Re: Movies I like and recommend

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In case, you don't notice, I sent you a private message asking you a question or two about something we can't discuss on this forum. Thanks.
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