Webb Mealy, Hebrew Student

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Webb Mealy, Hebrew Student

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Hey all,

My name is Webb Mealy, aka J. Webb Mealy. I'm a Bible scholar who concentrated in New Testament studies, so for a long time I only had the equivalent of one year's biblical Hebrew. During COVID, I had the chance to take an intermediate Hebrew course online with the forum's Jason Hare, and that re-energized me to continue using and improving Hebrew. I read a psalm a day aloud, and I find reasons to consult the Hebrew of Hebrew Bible passages I am looking at for whatever reason.

I'm hoping forum members can help me answer some questions beyond an intermediate student's grasp, as I go about my business of studying the Bible in its original languages.

Webb Mealy, PhD
(Biblical Studies, 1990, Sheffield)
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Jason Hare
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Re: Webb Mealy, Hebrew Student

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Welcome to the forum, Webb! It’s nice to see you!
Jason Hare
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