Introducing Dave Washburn

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Introducing Dave Washburn

Postby davew » Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:12 pm

(I hope I did the subject line right.)

Well, here I am. The basics: BA in New Testament from Fort Wayne Bible College (now Taylor University Fort Wayne), MA in Old Testament from Denver Seminary, 1981. I've taught briefly here and there, but chose to withdraw from the traditional path and spent 20 years as a stay-home parent. Along the way I kept a few toes in the water, so to speak, publishing here and there including my 1994 Hebrew Studies paper "Chomsky's Separation of Syntax and Semantics" and my 2005 book A Catalog of Biblical Passages in the Dead Sea Scrolls, published by SBL. My primary love is grammar and syntax, especially the Hebrew verbal system. I've spent decades working on a new system for understanding it; the 1994 paper was the first step. It rests on a strict separation between syntax and semantics/pragmatics/discourse/allthatstuff and I'm still working on it. G-d willing, I'll live long enough to complete it. In the meantime, I keep myself amused by reviewing video games, classic songs and other stuff on the Internet via my website, I recently added a show called Bible Insights, in which I discuss questions that have come to me over the years. It's purely from an evangelical Christian perspective because that's my target audience, so please don't be offended because of the narrow scope.

I'm also an avid scuba diver, and dive Puget Sound a lot with my wife and youngest daughter. I majored in music for my first 4 years of college (I crammed a 4 year Bachelor's degree into 8 years, 4 colleges and 7 majors) and still love playing the piano and guitar. I've raised three daughters, no grandkids yet. All in all, I have an incredibly great life. And I get to rub shoulders with major scholars through this list. Even better.

Dave Washburn
Spanaway, WA USA
Dave Washburn

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