Ed Rosner

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Ed Rosner

Postby Gatorguy » Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:33 pm

BS Aerospace Engineering - University of Florida – 1974
Old Testament Studies - Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – 1976-1979, 1981
• Biblical Greek
• Biblical Hebrew
• Biblical Aramaic
• Ugaritic
• Primary Professors:
o Walter Kaiser Jr
o Thomas McComiskey
o Gleason Archer
o Paul Feinberg
o Harold O. J. Brown
o Norman Geisler

Interests: Biblical Hebrew Prepositions

Employed: United States Air Force civilian – Electronics Engineer - Electronic Warfare Software Maintenance - 31 yrs

I use B-Hebrew Forum to monitor what the professionals in the field are thinking/worrying/discussing/arguing in an effort to have some insight into current thought/studies since I am not in an academic environment.

I have an interest in how to pool the insights of multiple individuals into scholastic progress rather than the Lone Ranger approach of write, peer review - rewrite etc. The nature of the beast may not allow it but all other industries make progress through collaborative and team efforts with strict data reporting requirements that allow other groups to prove/disprove findings quickly. Those on this forum who work SW development or research will understand where I am coming from on this. Pie in the sky?

Personal Inerests:
- All forms of auto racing – particularly aerodynamic applications
- Returning to surfing when I retire
- High School Soccer Community Coach
- Collecting Grateful Dead live concert recordings
- UF Gator Sports

Ed Rosner
Perry, GA USA

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