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Ruth Mathys
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Ruth Mathys

Postby Ruth Mathys » Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:01 pm

I am using this forum to improve my limited understanding of Biblical Hebrew. I tried to learn the language from textbooks several times and even took a class in it, but didn't come to grips with actually reading the language until I discovered Bryan Rocine's book. He takes a discourse analysis approach and shows how the different verb forms function in different genres. Alas, he only deals with prose!

I have a BA in Classics from the University of Sydney, an MA in Biblical Studies from the Bible College of Victoria and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics from EQUIP, the Australian SIL school. I worked for over a decade as a closed captioner for TV programs, thereby answering the question that I was asked for years of "What kind of job can you get with dead languages?" My family works in PNG with SIL -- I am involved with training Papua New Guinean Bible translators, the majority of whom have less than 10 years schooling. The Hebrew course is based around acting out stories from the life of Elijah and then reading them.

Ruth Mathys

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