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Who we are: our charter

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:38 pm
by Kirk Lowery
B-Hebrew is a forum for the discussion of the Hebrew Bible: its language, grammar and content. Matters of history, archeology, anthropology and other "neighboring" topics are also within the scope of discussion when they directly relate to or illumine the understanding of the Hebrew Bible. But the central focus of this forum is the text itself.

B-Hebrew is a public forum, with members from every part of the globe. Members include all levels of formal training in biblical studies, ancient and modern Hebrew and other related languages. Members represent a variety of faiths or no faith-commitment at all. B-Hebrew is a public forum, which means that the level of discussion ranges from the most elementary of topics to those that are highly technical and academic. All members are encouraged to initiate and participate in discussions regardless of their formal training or lack of it.