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Respectful Discourse

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:43 pm
by Kirk Lowery
Given the nature of B-Hebrew, members are expected to maintain a standard of behavior that promotes discussion:

  • members will use rhetoric that is polite and civil; inflammatory expressions, obscenities and hate speech will be severely dealt with
  • members will not attack the character or motives of other members, but will assume good faith on the part of others
  • members will not disparage the lack of knowledge or language skill of other members, but will gently correct mistakes and misunderstandings
  • members will sign each post with their full and real name, in the interest of accountability for polite and civil discourse
  • members will not use B-Hebrew as a platform for advocating a faith commitment ("faith commitment" includes "no faith commitment")
  • members will comply with the requests of the moderators, especially desisting from continued posting when a thread is declared closed
  • members will not use B-Hebrew for the commercial promotion of products in which they have an interest