Songs 3:9 - אפריון

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Songs 3:9 - אפריון

Postby Saboi » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:06 pm

אפריון only occurs in this verse and the meaning of the word depends on the Septuagint that reads φορεῖον
and the context does not suggest he was building a chariot or a chair.

The Septuagint misreads אפריון as a φορεῖον when it aught to read ὑπερῷον "Upper chamber, Attic, Upper part of the House" and the Hebrew should read עליה or עליון.

غעליון : Coelum , Ceiling
עליוןϝ : ὑπερῷον , ἐπουράνιος , ὑψηλός ,

Lee Mcgee
Lee Mcgee

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