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Re: Yahweh Adonai

Postby Saboi » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:27 am

MITHRAS (Bacchus)

ὑπηρέτης - "Underling, servant, attendant, servitor of the cult of Mithras"
- משרת
- מסרף

Numbers 11:28 - Joshua the son of Nun, the servant (משרת ) of Moses,
2 Samuel 13:17 - His servant(משרת) that ministered unto him
2 Kings 4:43 - And his servitor(משרת) said
Isaiah 61:6 - Ministers(משרת) of our God
Psalm 104:4 - Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers ( משרת) a flaming fire
Ezra 8:17 - bring unto us ministers(משרתים) for the house of our God.

- Σάραπις, Σέραπις, Σεραφιν
- Serapis
- שרפים(saraphim)
- רפא

Isaiah 9:6 - המשרה :ὁ Μίθρης

המשרה is the only word in Isaiah 9:6 with a definite article, then that's his name.
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