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Re: Mycenaean Hebrew

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:53 am
by Saboi
תלה is a compound of ἐκ & ἀείρω that form ἐκρέμω ' to be hung up, suspended'
that derives כרם 'Vines'.

κρεμαστήρ (כרם עשתר)
- 'stalk by which a grape-cluster hangs'
- 'muscle suspending the ovaries' ... ek#lexicon

Re: Mycenaean Hebrew

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:54 am
by Saboi
κρεμαστήρ - כרם עשתר

LSJ Lexicon of κρεμαστήρ states 'muscle suspending the ovaries' for the prefix
αστήρ (Aster) is a cognate with γαστήρ (Gaster) 'Womb' and with עשתר (Ashtoreth)
but the initial Ayin often produce the guttural G (Ghayin).

περιστερά (Peristera) according to Allegro also a cognate of עשתר/γαστήρ
and the Dove is the main symbol of Aphrodite ( Gk Asteroth).

עשתר/γαστήρ also resemble תורים(towrim) 'Turtle-dove'
which is a τρυγόνας (Trugonas) in Greek and note the G that is commonly
omitted in Hebrew.

The pronunciation of the suffix of τρυγόνας (trygónas) is similarly to the Ashkenazi pronunciation of יוֹנָה (yonah)

תור יונה
γαστήρ ϝοἰνωπός

יוֹנָה/γόνα (yonah) is similar to the word PIGEON.

יונהϝ> יגונהϝ> Pigeon

Turtle-Dove as nothing to do with Turtles and the name came from Latin TURTUR (תורתור ).

- a wild pigeon of the colour οἰνωπός, the rock-dove, Columba livia,