Isaiah 9:6 deciphered

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Isaiah 9:6 deciphered

Postby Saboi » Fri Oct 26, 2018 12:52 pm

The last part of Isaiah 9:6, this structurally parallels with Exodus 17:15 and proves that the original composition of Isaiah is Greek

Exodus 17:15 -ויקרא שמו יהוה נסי
Isaiah 9:6 -ויקרא שמו פלא יועץ

The title 'פלא יועץ' in the Hebrew, is a transliteration of the Greek 'πολύβουλος , the first part transliterates into פלא/πολύ and βουλος translates into עץ (τύχη) and this title derives from the Orphic Hymns, hence יהוה נסי / διό νυσος in Isaiah 17:15 whom is given the epithet, Μισης in Orphic Hymn 42.
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