Hebrew resolved mysteries.

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Hebrew resolved mysteries.

Postby Saboi » Tue Nov 06, 2018 8:52 pm

The verses in the Hebrew scriptures that detail Wine, Grapes, fruits and how they made wine of most interest too me and researching all the words relating to Wine and its making, I discovered the origin of Mithras, first of all, the name appears
in Hebrew as משרת or מסרף, that is ὑπηρέτης 'Underling, servant, attendant, servitor of the cult of Mithras"

Numbers 11:28 - Joshua the son of Nun, the servant (משרת ) of Moses,
2 Samuel 13:17 - His servant(משרת) that ministered unto him
2 Kings 4:43 - And his servitor(משרת) said
Isaiah 61:6 - Ministers(משרת) of our God
Psalm 104:4 - Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers ( משרת) a flaming fire
Ezra 8:17 - bring unto us ministers(משרתים) for the house of our God.

ὑπηρέτης is synonym of θεραπευτής, this is the meaning behind שרפים & רפא and thus Serapis
is just a variant of Mithras, so these names are not a particular god, but the 'attendant. Servant'

The word רפא means 'Heal' , רפאות 'Remedy ' and these are cognate of θεραπεία/תרופ (Therapy)
similar too the modern Hebrew תרפאות 'medication' the word θεραπεία is related too θεράπων meaning 'Servant, Aide'

Joshua 1:2 - Moses, my servant (עבד) (θεράπων )

עבד (Obed) is ὀπηδός (Opedos) 'Aide or Attendant, this word is the root of the word 'Hospital'
from Hospes (οἰκός ὀπηδός / בית־עבד )

רפא forms the title, רפואל/Ραφουηλ ( Raphael) , this name is rendered as רעואל / Ραγουηλ, the mystery behind the two
names of the father in Law of Moses is solved, along with another mystery deity of obscure origins, that is Aesculapius, a god
of healing, popular in the Ancient Levant.

- יתרו > Jethro (ופ/ϝ )
- ἰατρός Iatros "Heal"
- יתרופאל, יתרואל , רואל. רפואל, רעואל

The fuller title, יתרופאל split into Reuel & Jethro and through dialects, the name יתרופ is Ἀσκληπιός
Ἀσκ-λ-π = ית-ר-פ 'Aesculapius'

https://blog.israelbiblicalstudies.com/ ... asclepius/


Re: Hebrew resolved mysteries.

Postby Saboi » Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:01 pm

The word 'משרה' (Mishrah) means Liquor and the probable cognate of the Sanskrit word for Wine
that is मूत्र (Mūtra) or रस(Rasa) "Liquor", that is cognate of ראש(Ras) which means 'Gall', that
is χολή which is גאלה.

Alcohol - הגאלה, ἧ χολή

κεράς - Mixed (ראש)
σίκερα - Fermented Liquor
שכר - Intoxicate
μεθύσκω - Intoxicate

The word 'κρατήρ' is a mixing bowl for wine, root being ראש and the suffix of παντοκράτωρ
or Pantocrator, one of the epithets of Jesus Christ, An Ancient Greek 'κρατήρ' was commonly in the shape
of a Ox Head, see בקר (Ox), this word roots the Greek word πιχοριον 'Ox Tongue' , this is explained in a parable.

Amos 6:12
Will one plow (Charash) there with oxen(baqar) for ye have turned (haphak) judgment into gall (Ras)
and the fruit of righteousness into hemlock:

Oxen turned judgment into Gall...

What is the connection between WINE and OXEN?
https://munchies.vice.com/en_us/article ... -your-wine

e. But one of the more traditional and effective fining agents has been blood—usually ox—whether in liquid or dried form. Nothing like a little blood to really make a glass of wine sing, amirite?

". Bull's blood is also used in some Mediterranean countries"

Mithras is Jewish.

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