Logos in Hebrew

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Logos in Hebrew

Postby Saboi » Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:25 pm

- להג(Leg) "reckoning" ( Ecc 12:12)
- לח (Leck) "moisten"
- λεῖος ( Leios) "make smooth"
- לחכ(Lekh) "Lick"
- λείχω (Leikh ) "Lick"
- לחי( Lekhi) "Jaw
- לעג(Lagg) "Laugh"
- γελάω (Gelaw) "Laugh"
- לע(Lugh) "Swallow down, throat"
- λάρυγξ ( Larygx) "Throat"
- φάρυγξ (Pharygx ) "Throat"
- מלקוח(Malakut) " "Throat" ( Malakut > Mhalygx > Pharygx > Throat)
- γλῶσσαν (Glossan) "Tongue"
- לשנ( Lashon) "Tongue"
- διάλεκτος ( Dialektos) "Tongue"
- μαλακᾶς (Malakas) "Soft"
- ילע(Yalag ) "swallow down, speak rashly,
- γάλακτος ( Galaktos) "Milk"
- γλυκύς ( Glukus ) "Sweet too the tongue"
- מלתעות(Malta`ah ) "Sweet tooth"
- μειλίχιος ( Meilichios) "gentle soothing"
- מלח(Melach) "moisten with Salt"
- ἁλυκός (Alukos) "Salt"
- מרק ( maraq ) "Broth"
- ἀπόβρεγμα ( Apobregma) "Infusion, broth" (ἀπό/מ)
- μέλι ( Meli ) "Honey"
- מלת( millat) "Talk"
- λαλέω ( Lalew) "Chatter"
- ἔγκλημα (Egklhma) "accuse" ת/ἔγ
-תלונו(Telhna) "accuse" (ad-causa)
- לקחי(leqach) "doctrine"
- לקח(laqach) "obtain a Lot"
- λάχος (Lachos) "allotted portion"
- λαγχάνω (Lagchanw) "Obtain by lot"
- לוח(Luakh ) "plank" (for writing)
- πλάξ ( Plac ) "plank"
- לוֹט(Lote) "Envelope, Letter'
- καλυπτός (Kaluptos) "Envelope"

I create lot of lists of works of similar meanings, 'Logos' as a wide-range of meaning but the ultimate meaning it to do with the Jaw, the instrument of

דבר 'Talk'
דבש 'Honey'

2 Samuel 23:2 (Sweet Psalmist)
רוח יהוה דבר־בי ומלתו על־לשוני
Breath of God spoke to me and his sweetness was on my tongue

מלצ/γλυκέα "sweet" (prosthetic מ)
Lee Mcgee

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Re: Logos in Hebrew

Postby Saboi » Thu Nov 15, 2018 4:00 pm

The NT talks about 'Flesh' and 'Blood' throughout it narrative and describing the sweet fruits, perhaps grapes or mulberries
however Christians take it literally and they believe it refers too Human Flesh and Blood.

In both Hebrew & Greek, Grape juice is דָּם / αἷμα and the Flesh of fruit
is בָּשָׂר and this cognates into βότρυος 'bunch of grapes' see בָּשַׁל or בֵּסֶר.

Achilles Tatius, Leucippe and Clitophon 2.2b-3a: 2b
And Dionysus said, "This is water of harvest; this is blood [αἷμα] of a grape." The god led the herdsman to the vine and, after taking [λαβών] from the clusters and at the same time crushing them and showing the vine he said, "This is the water; this is the spring." In this way, therefore, wine came to be among humans, so goes the story of the Tyrians. They continue to observe that day as a feast to that god

This pretty much explains the Eucharist, more importantly Tatius is quoting a 'Tyrian scripture', as in from Tyre, the Levant and thus would have being written in the Hebrew or Phoenician Language, this shows that a vast amount of Ancient Hebrew writing is missing, most likely deliberately destroyed.
Lee Mcgee

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