Isaiah 33:1 DSS better?

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Isaiah 33:1 DSS better?

Postby kwrandolph » Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:24 pm

In Isaiah 33:1 we read the following:

הוי שודד ואתה לא שדוד ובוגד ולא בגדו בו כהתמך שודד תושד כנלתך לבגד יבגדו בך

which gives problems:

כהתמך is given as a hiphil from the verb תמם, however, even as written appears to be from the verb תמך
כנלתך as from a verb נלה which is found nowhere else. As written, it appears to be from a verb לתך with the idea of measuring out.

However, when I read the DSS, I found:

הוי שודד ואתה לוא שדוד ובוגד ולוא בגדו בו כהתמכך שודד תושד ככלותך לבגוד יבגודו בך

Well, other than the extra matres lectionis that don’t belong in Biblical Hebrew, does this make more sense or what?

Karl W. Randolph.

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