Understanding Modern hebrew

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Understanding Modern hebrew

Postby aavichai » Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:39 am

I wanted to show how the Modern Hebrew is based on the biblical Hebrew (and more)
and how to understand it
I put headline from newspaper and I'll explain every word
you will see more Yod and Vav because it like vowels when we write without the nikkud
cause every word can be anything: בקר Boker (morning) or Bakar (cattle or Beef) or Bikker (He Visited) so we put vowels where needs
i put verses to support what im saying
there are more verses than one unless i say there arent.
sometime im not putting a verse cuz it is very common and easy to find it alone
but if i didnt show the connections between the two - tell me and i will clear it up
what i wanna say is that everyody with knowledge of roots and form in hebrew will see clearly that there isnt much difference between the two and the modern is like the expanding of meaning (thats what happend after 2000+ years in every language) and so on and so on
it looks strange at the begining and of course no one can understand it without first learning it but the modern hebrew is not just a creation of the 20 century jews.
they just "woke" her to a secular usage - with a lot of changes- no doubt - but all changes are based on the hebrew laws (i mean the laws of the language)
so if someone can understand a biblical word that he doesnt know just from knowing the roots and form, he can do it with the modern hebrew also.

here we go:
Maariv מעריב
האו"ם: הדרך להלחם בטרור היא באמצעות פתרון המשבר בסוריה
שגריר האו"ם ושרת החוץ של האיחוד אמרו את הדברים כמסר לממשלת סוריה. לפני כן הגיעה מוגריני באופן לא צפוי לז'נבה, מה שהגביר חשדות כי המו"מ הגיע למבוי סתום

האו"ם Ha-Um - this is the initials of האומות המאוחדות the united nations:

אומות Ummut = Nations - (biblical) plural of Umma
***Genesis 25:16 שְׁנֵים-עָשָׂר נְשִׂיאִם לְאֻמֹּתָם twelve princes according to their nations

ה/מאוחדות - HaMe'uh'dot = The United - came from the biblical אחד=one. we put that three letter as root and put it as a participle of Quttal in this case, and we have מאוחדות
like יחד=together and אחד are actually from the same root. so united is like we are one.

ה/דרך - HaDerek' = The Way - Biblical. here, like english - not a phisical way but "the way you should go" it's also in the bible
***Isaiah 30:21 זֶה הַדֶּרֶךְ לְכוּ בוֹ This is the way, walk ye in it

להלחם - Lehilah'em = To Fight - Biblial
***Joshua 9:2 וַיִּתְקַבְּצוּ יַחְדָּו לְהִלָּחֵם עִם-יְהוֹשֻׁעַ That they gathered themselves together, to fight with Joshua

ב/טרור - BaTerror = (in) terror - Not hebrew - but today an international word

היא - Hi = is (in this case) - act as a copula
***Nehemiah 8:10 כִּי-חֶדְוַת ה' הִיא מָעֻזְּכֶם for the joy of the Lord is your strength

ב/אמצעות - BeEmtsa''ut - through - It is not in the bible. comes from the word אמצע=middle which is maybe from Greek" mesos". - באמצעות means through something like in the middle of something. the word אמצע is found also in Qumaran before year -100 and the word באמצעות is known in the middle ages

פתרון - Pitron = solution - in the bible this word always come connected to finding the interpretation of a dream and how to solve the meaning of it. but since then the meaning expanded to every interpretation or solution.
***Genesis 40:5 אִישׁ כְּפִתְרוֹן חֲלֹמוֹ each man according to the interpretation of his dream

ה/משבר - HaMshber = The crisis - the root ש-ב-ר (Break) is well known in the bible.
we put the root in a known form MAQTEL - and then the word was created - Mashber=Crisis - like the situation is breakable or broken already

ב/סוריה - in Suria

שגריר - ambassador - the root ש-ג-ר in Aramic means to send and the ambassador is sent.
the aramic has a lot in common with the hebrew tradition cause almost all the Talmud is in aramic. and the talmud considerd to be one of the essence book for the jews.
(some say its from the Latin: Surregulus or Surregurus)

ו/שרת - VeSarat=and the (female) minister - שר in the bible is someone with high power and connected to the rule and king and also responsible for something special like שר הצבא that was responsibble for the army. today it became the name for a minister in the goverment.
the שרת is the construct form of שרה which is the feminine of שר
***Judges 4:2 וְשַׂר-צְבָאוֹ סִיסְרָא ; the captain of whose host was Sisera

ה/חוץ - HaH'uts=The Outside - Biblical
So שרת החוץ means the (female) minister of the out (of the state) identical to Secretary of state or foreign minister

של - Shel = of - Biblical

ה/איחוד - Ha'Ih'ud - The union - From the biblical word אחד=one in the form of QITTUL

אמרו - Amru, Ameru=said - Biblical

את - Et - Biblical

ה/דברים - HaDvarim, HaDevarim=the words, the things - biblical
Genesis 20:8 וַיְדַבֵּר אֶת-כָּל-הַדְּבָרִים הָאֵלֶּה and told all these things

כ - Ke=as (a) - Biblical

מסר - Meser=Message we know the rood מסר as a verb means to give, commit, deliver
so this verb turn to a form of a noun QETEL מסר
***Numbers 31:5 וַיִּמָּסְרוּ מֵאַלְפֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל So there were delivered out of the thousands of Israel

ל/ממשלת - LeMemshelet=to the goverment (of) - this is a construct of ממשלה - in the bible mean the rule. from the root מ-ש-ל - today its just the goverment (that rules).
***Michah 4:8 וּבָאָה הַמֶּמְשָׁלָה הָרִאשֹׁנָה מַמְלֶכֶת לְבַת יְרוּשָׁלִָם even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem.

סוריה - Surya=Syria

לפני - Lifne(i) = before - biblical. in this case talking about time. like english i can say before the time or before the king. in this case - time

כן - k'en (ken)=That - Biblical. לפני כן means before that. in the bible ther's a lot אחרי כן means after that. so לפני כן is before that literally and also fit as an expression

הגיעה - Higgi''a=(she) came (or arrived) to - biblical
***Esther 6:14 עוֹדָם מְדַבְּרִים עִמּוֹ וְסָרִיסֵי הַמֶּלֶךְ הִגִּיעוּ And while they were yet talking with him, came the king's chamberlains

מוגריני - Mogherini (name)

ב/אופן - BeOfen - in a way - אופן or אפן is once in the bible and don't sure exact meaning: maybe side or a way or something similar. the verse is:
***Proverbs 25:11 דָּבָר דָּבֻר עַל-אָפְנָיו A word fitly spoken (KJV)
and it is probably means and thats how also is reflected from the context: "the way it should be"
today we use it as WAY or as the suffix "Ly"
official way=officially

לא - Lo=no - biblical

צפוי - Tsafuy=whatched (expected) - the biblical root צ-פ-ה or צ-פ-י means to watch and sometime as a metaphore is to wait and expect, as in this verse:
***Habaakkuk 2:1 וַאֲצַפֶּה לִרְאוֹת מַה-יְדַבֶּר-בִּי and will watch to see what he will say unto me
and its like "i will expect to see or wish to see or wait to see"
Tafuy if the root צ-פ-ה or צ-פ-י in the passive Qal QATUL
so באופן לא צפוי means "unexpectedly"

ל/ז'נבה - to Geneva. hebrew doesnt have j and G (like George) the ז' is j (and ג' is G) you can write Geneva like ז'נבה or like ג'נבה

מה - Ma=what (in this case its is a thing or fact) like i hear WHAT you say means: I hear the thing you say

ש - She=that, which. in the bible there is only אשר=ASHER in the Mishna and Talmud only ש=SHE
in Akkadian there's SHA. this word is just to connect to part of the sentence

הגביר - Higbir=increase. in the bible the root mean to become stornger or become many and in Hiph''il to make stronger of to confirm:
Daniel 9:27 וְהִגְבִּיר בְּרִית לָרַבִּים And he shall confirm the covenant with many
any way the rood is ג-ב-ר and in hiph''il

חשדות - H'ashadot=suspicion - Plural of חשד=Hashad. this word not biblical at all. first known use in hebrew is in the Talmud

כי - Ki=because. there is a lot of meaning in the bible for that word. today we use it (at least in the daily talk) just as because.
and in this case it is used exactly like the word SHE=that
also both - biblical

המו"ם - HaMum=the negotiation - The מו"ם is an initial of משא ומתן
משא - from the root נ-ש-א MAQTAL - one of the biblical meaning is to carry
מתן - from the root נ-ת-נ MAQTAL - means "give"
both of them biblical
משא ומתן was used in the talmud as an expression to buisness like "give and take"
and then this expression got the meanning of duscussin to solve an issue like "negotiation"

הגיע - talked about it above in the feminine form הגיעה

ל/מבוי - Mavoy (Mavo) this word מבוי is another form of the biblical מבוא. in the time just after the time of the bible, every word that closed like that (with an ALEPH) they close it with Yod
like Married came from נ-ש-א should be נשוא (Passive Qal) but they said נשוי=Nasuy
מבוא=Mavo means passageway or an entry to the house or a place to come in it (from the root ב-ו-א=come)

סתום - Satum=filled to stop, stuck, blocked, covered - from the biblical root ס-ת-ם
the exact word סתום (passive qal) in the bible means more about the unknown (like covered from the men)
but all the other form of the roots means the basic meaning
***Genesis 26:15
וְכָל-הַבְּאֵרֹת אֲשֶׁר חָפְרוּ עַבְדֵי אָבִיו בִּימֵי אַבְרָהָם אָבִיו סִתְּמוּם פְּלִשְׁתִּים וַיְמַלְאוּם עָפָר
For all the wells which his father's servants had digged in the days of Abraham his father, the Philistines had stopped them, and filled them with earth
(here סתמום is in Pi''el: Sittmu them=Sittemum)

the expressin מבוי סתום = a blocked passageway means in hebrew like "a dead end"

האו"ם: הדרך להלחם בטרור היא באמצעות פתרון המשבר בסוריה
שגריר האו"ם ושרת החוץ של האיחוד אמרו את הדברים כמסר לממשלת סוריה. לפני כן הגיעה מוגריני באופן לא צפוי לז'נבה, מה שהגביר חשדות כי המו"מ הגיע למבוי סתום
The UN: The way to fight terror is through a solution for the crisis in Syria.
The UN ambassador and the Union's foreign minister (the foreign... of the union) said these things (literally its "the things" but in Hebrew the "the" can mean "these" in this case)
as a message to the goverment of Syria (Syria's goverment). first (literally: before that), Mogherini arrived to Geneva unexpectedly, What had increase (hope i translated that good) [some] suspicions that the negotiation came to a dead end

now without the ()

האו"ם: הדרך להלחם בטרור היא באמצעות פתרון המשבר בסוריה
שגריר האו"ם ושרת החוץ של האיחוד אמרו את הדברים כמסר לממשלת סוריה. לפני כן הגיעה מוגריני באופן לא צפוי לז'נבה, מה שהגביר חשדות כי המו"מ הגיע למבוי סתום
The UN: The way to fight terror is through a solution for the crisis in Syria.
The UN ambassador and the Union's foreign minister said these things as a message to the goverment of Syria. first, Mogherini arrived to Geneva unexpectedly, What had increase some suspicions that the negotiation came to a dead end.
Avichai Cohen

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