Bible Text Database File

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Bible Text Database File

Postby Ox_onsticks » Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:40 pm

I noticed that the Sword Project uses primary e-texts for their various modules. I use Xiphos with multiple English, Greek, and Hebrew modules. I am looking to create my own text/version for various transformations which can't be done in Xiphos. A developer liked my research and suggested JSON because he is familiar with Javascript. Basically I need to create a JSON DB of Biblical texts and would like suggestions for where I can get a hold of the text files.

Where does the Sword Project get their primary e-texts?
To create Biblical text DB files, I will need the King James Version, this would be a good start. Also need a version which is already formatted in xml, so I can see how the developers create their objects and arrays. Eventually, I will need multiple texts, but this will be after I learn how to structure my JSON files.
If there are any JSON bible text files around, please post a link.

I checked out -
Which led me to here:
But the link to every example is broken: ... 5_ps_1.pdf
Clicking the above link, I get:
<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>D9ADE01DE0B8100C</RequestId><HostId>D2aUmMLlpo/yC+vg/TzQ5pzNs9ZwG9x8rPkysknO7RXkFKlMOM5oiH9eIadxbobBawsJ72jDvas=</HostId></Error>
Maybe I don't have the right credentials. :shrugs:

Some things I've learned about JSON so far,

Understanding JSON files:
JSON files are composed of two elements: Objects and Arrays
An Object contains key:value pairs
An Array contains comma separated values
A key is a unique identifier
A value is a store for content which can be anything from numbers, strings, hex...

Some examples of JSON files:

JSON files are similar to XML, where, according to some, JSON is easier to read.

Don Ation
The only Sin Offering for all People is an Ox, the Aleph, which was placed on a pile of sticks, the Tau.
The atonement being a combination of the two, called the Eht, or Aleph-Tau.

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