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Bible Text Database File

Posted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:40 pm
by Ox_onsticks
I noticed that the Sword Project uses primary e-texts for their various modules. I use Xiphos with multiple English, Greek, and Hebrew modules. I am looking to create my own text/version for various transformations which can't be done in Xiphos. A developer liked my research and suggested JSON because he is familiar with Javascript. Basically I need to create a JSON DB of Biblical texts and would like suggestions for where I can get a hold of the text files.

Where does the Sword Project get their primary e-texts?
To create Biblical text DB files, I will need the King James Version, this would be a good start. Also need a version which is already formatted in xml, so I can see how the developers create their objects and arrays. Eventually, I will need multiple texts, but this will be after I learn how to structure my JSON files.
If there are any JSON bible text files around, please post a link.

I checked out -
Which led me to here:
But the link to every example is broken: ... 5_ps_1.pdf
Clicking the above link, I get:
<Error><Code>AccessDenied</Code><Message>Access Denied</Message><RequestId>D9ADE01DE0B8100C</RequestId><HostId>D2aUmMLlpo/yC+vg/TzQ5pzNs9ZwG9x8rPkysknO7RXkFKlMOM5oiH9eIadxbobBawsJ72jDvas=</HostId></Error>
Maybe I don't have the right credentials. :shrugs:

Some things I've learned about JSON so far,

Understanding JSON files:
JSON files are composed of two elements: Objects and Arrays
An Object contains key:value pairs
An Array contains comma separated values
A key is a unique identifier
A value is a store for content which can be anything from numbers, strings, hex...

Some examples of JSON files:

JSON files are similar to XML, where, according to some, JSON is easier to read.

Don Ation