translation of Daniel 9:26

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Re: translation of Daniel 9:26

Postby SteveMiller » Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:37 pm

Danielkim wrote:I think both "yik·kā·rêṯ"(cut off) and " yaš·ḥîṯ" ( destroy) are Niphal (passive) tense.

yikaret is passive, but yashit is active.

Danielkim wrote:here is my translation.

"after 62 weeks Messiah shall be cut off but not shall be to city and sanctuary. the people of prince shall be destroyed at the flood like coming end. which will be until the end of the determined desolating war." ==> this is my understanding.

please tell me if my interpretation has any problem in grammar or in context.

"but not shall be to city and sanctuary" is not English.
You are skipping the word ל֑וֹ, which means "to him".
You are skipping the "and" prefix on "the city".
Since there are no periods or commas in Biblical Hebrew, the "and"'s often fill that purpose to give us the structure.
"destroy" is active, not passive.
You are skipping the "and" prefixed to "its end".
You skipped the 3ms suffix on "end".
"the coming" cannot modify "its end" because of the "and" prefix on "its end".
You skipped the "and" prefixed on "until".
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Steve Miller
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