Proverbs 5:6

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Proverbs 5:6

Postby kwrandolph » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:54 am

This verse has been difficult for me for some time, any thoughts?

ארח חיים פן-תפלס    נעו מעגלתיה לא תדע

The first step is to divide the verse into its two parts. By following poetic meter where each consonant is followed by a vowel, we get:

ארח חיים פן-תפלס    נעו


מעגלתיה לא תדע

Then parse it out. The second part is easy, the subject is “you”, verb “should know”, object “her tracks (paths)” with a negation. The translation comes to “You should not know her paths.”

The first part: subject “you”, verb “should make level”, object ?? either “life’s traveling” or “its motion, moving”, but the פן throws a wrench into the whole thing.

If we look for the context, it appears that Proverbs 5:3–6 make up a section, there’s a clean break with a change of subject matter with the next verse, which changes the subject to “she” in both sections—“Lest she make level the movements for the travelers of life, she should not know her paths.” which, when connecting with the previous verse, she should not recognize that she is heading for death.

I’m thinking through my keyboard. Any thoughts?

Just my 2¢.

Karl W. Randolph.

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