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קְרָסִים QRASIYM and קְרָשִים QRA$IYM, Ex. 35:11

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:46 pm
by Isaac Fried
We read there
אֶת הַמִּשְׁכָּן אֶת אָהֳלוֹ וְאֶת מִכְסֵהוּ אֶת קְרָסָיו וְאֶת קְרָשָׁיו אֶת בְּרִיחָו אֶת עַמֻּדָיו וְאֶת אֲדָנָיו
KJV: "The tabernacle, his tent, and his covering, his taches, and his boards, his bars, his pillars, and his sockets"
NIV: "the tabernacle with its tent and its covering, clasps, frames, crossbars, posts and bases"

The roots קרס QRS and קרש QR$ are kindred within the root family
גרד, גרז, גרט, גרס, גרש
חרד, חרז, חרט, חרס, חרץ, חרש
כרס, כרת
קרד, קרט, קרס, קרץ, קרש

'sever, chop, hew, scrape, scratch, cut-off', and hence a קֶרֶשׁ QERE$, is a 'cut and planed board', whereas a קֶרֶס QERES is a metal flake, chip or fragment, shaped to hook.
קרס QRS is further related to כרע 'fold down'. See Isaiah 46:2
קָרְסוּ כָרְעוּ יַחְדָּו לֹא יָכְלוּ מַלֵּט מַשָּׁא
KJV: "They stoop, they bow down together; they could not deliver the burden"
כרע is thus further related to קרע, 'tear', namely, כָרְעוּ is קָרְעוּ, 'tore their legs at their knees'.

See also Isaiah 46:1
כָּרַע בֵּל קֹרֵס נְבוֹ
KJV: "Bel boweth down, Nebo stoopeth"
I would translate קֹרֵס as 'crushed, crumpled, collapsed'.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

Re: קְרָסִים QRASIYM and קְרָשִים QRA$IYM, Ex. 35:11

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:07 pm
by Isaac Fried
I hear the opinion that קֶרֶס QERES is so called also because it is collapsed (as in Isaiah 46:1) and bent to create a crooked hook.

Isaac Fried, Boston University