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Vacancy: Part-time Editor

Postby tian777 » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:23 am

For many years I have taught Biblical Hebrew (BH) to beginners who have no academic aspirations in this field
but would like to be able to understand the Tanakh to some degree or another.
I have recently consolidated the notes that I used as handouts over the years, and would like to publish them
as self-study textbooks for the convenience of my present students and anyone else interested. I have incorporated
a number of features which I believe are lacking in those textbooks presently available.There are five volumes:
Vol.1: Basic grammar; Strong Verbs. (288 pages)
Vol. 2: Weak Verbs. (312 pages) (146 pages to be edited)
Vol. 3: Doubly Weak Verbs; Other Verbs (352 pages) (119 pages to be edited)
Vol. 4: Textual Criticism (120 pages) (80 pages to be edited)
Vol. 5: Lifting the Veil. (a la Hayim Nahman Bialik) (125 pages) (70 pages to be edited)

I myself have studied BH for a few years, but had not achieved any academic qualification.
In addition, from my writing it is quite obvious that English is not my mother tongue.
Therefore I need to employ a person to edit my work to bring it up to an acceptable level both technically as well as linguistically.

The job is part-time, will be done on-line, and should last for approximately six months.
No academic qualification in biblical Hebrew is needed.
The salary will depend on the qualifications and experience of the candidate.
Candidates could become involved in the whole project, or individual volumes.
Interested individuals should please submit a CV to Tian Hattingh at:
christiaan.hattingh777 at

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