Shameless plug for a Biblical Hebrew to English dictionary

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Shameless plug for a Biblical Hebrew to English dictionary

Post by kwrandolph »

As you all should have heard by now, I wrote a Biblical Hebrew to English dictionary. If anyone wishes to have a copy, he can ask for it at kwrandolph with the email address I don’t always look at that address every day, but I keep that address for b-hebrew and a few other tasks.

Because I use the dictionary myself, I update it regularly to help with my reading, as well seeing what I can do to encourage people to read Tanakh through, and read Tanakh on a regular basis. Then biannually send out an update to those who have signed up to get copies of said dictionary.

The dictionary consists of the following sections: an introduction, the dictionary itself, an Aramaic dictionary of only that Aramaic found in Tanakh (I’m not an Aramaic scholar, I just copied the meanings from another dictionary), closing with a short grammar that covers the basics of Biblical Hebrew grammar as I have noticed it from reading Tanakh through several times.

At present, the biannual updates are .pdf files taken from default fonts on a MacIntosh.

I send copies out for free, with the hope that any mistakes found can be sent back to me for corrections. But most of the mistakes found so far have been from my using the dictionary as I read Tanakh. A few have been sent back to me.

So again, if anyone wants to get the dictionary for free, he can get it at kwrandolph with the email address at

Karl W. Randolph.
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