Hofal with Peh-Guttural verbs

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Hofal with Peh-Guttural verbs

Postby sebalou » Thu May 25, 2017 1:38 pm

Dear all,

Is it possible that in Hofal with Peh-guttural verbs we have qamets hatuf in the letter He in הָעֳמַד but qamets in the letter He in הָעָמְדוּ? Or are they both qamets hatuf? Or both qamets?

I learned that qamets hatuf ususally are found in closed unaccented syllables but can be found before hatef qamets too, like פָּעֳלִי or even before another unaccented qamets hatuf, like פָּעָלְךָ.

I heard that the paradigm הָעָמְדוּ is pronouced qamets + qamets hatuf, which sounds strange to me, Exodus 20, 4 תָעָבְדֵם


Sébastien Louis (Belgium)

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