Interesting Video about Hebrew's Rebirth

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Interesting Video about Hebrew's Rebirth

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Re: Interesting Video about Hebrew's Rebirth

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Interesting.. my understanding was that "the enlightenment" was a secular anti-religious movement.. I wasn't aware of any "jewish enlightenment".

I'd heard of the haskalah but I just thought of that as "the enlightenment".

The people reviving the Hebrew language , I considered to be simply Zionists, (and most modern zionists were secular anti-religious).

Though this video identifies the revivers of the hebrew language as Haskalah.. jewish enlightenment.. And also I see wikpedia mentions Haskalah as jewish enlightenment..

Makes me wonder then, the connection between (Modern) Zionism(which was largely secular, but not strictly/only secular), the enlightenment movement, and the Jewish enlightenment movement.
Ralph Zak
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