Genesis 18:29-30

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Kenneth Greifer
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Re: Genesis 18:29-30

Post by Kenneth Greifer »

Kenneth Greifer wrote:David,
What exactly is your translation of Psalm 22:32?
Psalm 22:32 could say "they will come and they will tell His righteousness, for a people is born because He did it" or "for a people is born that is doing it."
Or: "...for a people was born because He made (it)."
Kenneth Greifer
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Re: Genesis 18:29-30

Post by ducky »

Hi Kenneth,

I looked at a list of translations to try to find something that is close to my reading, and I saw a translation from ERV which writes:
"Each generation will tell their children about the good things the Lord has done"

So instead of the word "Lord" that is not written in the verse, you can change it to "He".
"Each generation" = "They"
and so on...

Also, the "Good things", even though it is valid, can be replaced with "saving deeds" or "deliverance" that I saw in other translations and it fits as well.

Anyway, the translation that I put above writes the verse in the syntax that I read that verse.
David Hunter
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