The name מָחֲלַת of Gen. 28:9

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Re: The name מָחֲלַת of Gen. 28:9

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Isaac Fried wrote: Wed Nov 25, 2020 10:08 am Jason wrote
It's the difference between ḥoḵ|mâ "wisdom" (silent sheva closing the first syllable) and ḥā|ḵə|mấ "she was wise" (mobile sheva opening the next syllable, representing a reduced vowel: ḥa|ḵá|mat > ḥa|ḵə|má > ḥā|ḵə|mấ).
They are written the same way:
חָכְמָה, 'She became wise'
חָכְמָה, 'Knowledge'
but have a different genealogy, leading to different readings?

Isaac Fried, Boston University
(1) They mean different things. (2) They are different words. (3) They are different word types (noun vs. verb). (4) They are read differently.
Jason Hare
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