Subject in Daniel 9:27 messiah or prince?

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Re: Subject in Daniel 9:27 messiah or prince?

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I Beleive wrote:"we higbir" the hiphil form of Gabar" means to confirm or strengthen, as in covenant. There is much disagreement as to who confirms and what is confirmed. the verb is used one time in the Tanach.
The verb is used many times, only once in the Hiphil. The Hiphil confers the idea of causative. In the other binyanim, the verb has the action of overpowering, of mastering, so the Hiphil, causative, has the meaning of causing to overpower, causing to master.

Seeing as the Qatal and Yiqtal conjugations refer to neither tense nor aspect, the use of the Qatal here doesn’t preclude its use in the imperfective aspect, namely that the action of causing to overpower takes seven years.

Off topic: I don’t see how this verse, nor this whole passage, can be used to support the pre-millennialist teaching of the seven year Tribulation. I suspect your gloss above is an attempt to force that meaning.

Karl W. Randolph.
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