BHS footnote Gen 14:1

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BHS footnote Gen 14:1

Post by tian777 »

Gen 14:1 contains two footnotes that contain the words "Gen Ap".
Could somebody please let me know what this means, as I am unable to find it in a list of abbreviations.
Tian Hattingh
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Re: BHS footnote Gen 14:1

Post by S_Walch »

Hi Tian,

The full footnote reference is 1QGen Ap - this refers to the Genesis Apocryphon, which is a manuscript found among the Dead Sea Scrolls (also labelled 1Q20) which is classed as "rewritten Bible" literature. Several of the DSS re-tell stories in Scripture from a slightly different perspective, but also in many cases also directly quote the main Scripture text - The Genesis Apocryphon being no exception.

You'll also find a translation of it in Geza Vermes' The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English on page 480 (Penguin Classics Edition).
Ste Walch
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