2 Kings 4:7

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Re: 2 Kings 4:7

Post by ducky »

Hi Steve,

Didn't see your message before your last one.

I wrote *כי but I also called it without Dagesh
and other types of excluded stuff (I don't even remember).

Bu the way, I noticed that you voweled לכי with Sheva.
But you should read it with Qamats (La:khi)
David Hunter
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Re: 2 Kings 4:7

Post by SteveMiller »

Thanks David.
So the vowels are useful.
Sincerely yours,
Steve Miller
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Kenneth Greifer
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Re: 2 Kings 4:7

Post by Kenneth Greifer »

SteveMiller wrote: Fri Dec 25, 2020 11:01 pm
Kenneth Greifer wrote: Fri Dec 25, 2020 1:26 pm I will try that now. I found some in Psalm 103:3 and 103:4. That's good enough for me to see that it is used in other quotes besides 2 Kings 4:3 and 4:7.
Doesn't 2Ki 4:2 also meet your criteria? ‎ לְכִי would normally be ‎ לָ֖ךְ
If you are talking to me, Steve, yes, it is what I was looking for, but I wanted more examples outside of 2 Kings 4 because I wanted to see if it was in other parts of the Hebrew Bible that way.
Kenneth Greifer
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