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Jason Hare
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Hebrew Composition

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When you open a new topic on the forum, you will see a list of buttons just above the textbox. Before I begin typing in Hebrew, I click: [‎right] [‎heb]. This creates [‎right][‎heb][/heb][/right] in the textbox with the cursor in the middle. If I type שלום in the middle of those tags, I get:
This allows the text to be aligned on the right and to appear larger, which is good for writing back and forth. From there, I tend to hit the [‎enter] or [‎return] key twice to give me a blank space in which to write between the tags.

I write here in Hebrew.

There's no reason to worry about alignment of the punctuation for two reasons: (1) biblical Hebrew doesn't use punctuation, so you might just use sof-pasuk (׃) or a colon (:) to end a sentence, which will be aligned correctly when you preview or submit the message; and, (2) the tag [‎heb] aligns the text right-to-left when you preview or submit, so even if you have a colon the right side, it will appear on the "right" side when you send the messages.

So, the following will produce the text that appears after it.

שלום לכל חברינו:
שלום לכל חברינו:
Notice the alignment of the colon at the end of the line. You don't need to try to align it on the proper side before submitting. If you use sof-pasuk, however, it will be aligned correctly even within the non-marked-up text.

Do you have any further suggestions for our compositions here?

Let's try to use compositions more frequently! What do you say?
Jason Hare
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Re: Hebrew Composition

Post by talmid56 »

Helpful tips, thanks!
Dewayne Dulaney
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