Shalom from Vietnam

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Shalom from Vietnam

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Good day.
My name is Tian Hattingh.
In 1987 I completed a B.A. degree in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of South Africa. Starting in 1974, I studied Biblical Hebrew for three years at the same university, and although I never achieved a formal qualification in the subject,I soon felt obliged to share my knowledge with others that were equally interested in learning more about the Hebrew Bible. As a result of this yearning I later conducted part-time classes to beginners at the local Polytechnic in Rustenburg, South Africa where I was living at the time.

In 2002 I moved to mainland China, where I became an ESL / IELTS teacher. In February of 2012, I published Birds and Bibles in History, ISBN 978-1-907313-70-7 covering the history of the Tanakh, the history of Ornithology, and all 409 references to birds in the Old and New Testaments. From September 2014, I conducted classes for Beginners in Biblical Hebrew in the city of Shenzhen in China until March 2016 when I relocated to Vietnam. I have been an ESL Teacher, and IELTS Instructor and an on-line Biblical Hebrew teacher here since then. Currently I am working on a series of five textbooks aimed at laymen entitled Biblical Hebrew for All.

I have never joined a forum like this before and am excited to gain new insights into the fascinating text of the Hebrew Bible and humbly present my views where possible.
Tian Hattingh
I'm too blessed to be stressed
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Re: Shalom from Vietnam

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Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace! Keep in mind that members in this forum come from all sorts of backgrounds, level of Hebrew skills, faith commitments (or no faith commitment) and interests. I look forward to your contributions.

Kirk E. Lowery, PhD
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