Introducing Michael Wallace

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Michael J Wallace
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Introducing Michael Wallace

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Hello everyone,

I'm so excited to be on this forum. I found out about it through admin Jason Hare, through whom I'm finishing a course on intermediate Biblical Hebrew. I am an associate pastor at a historic Presbyterian church in downtown Canton, OH. I love learning languages and have formally studied seven different ones. I took one year of Biblical Hebrew in seminary (over a decade ago now), but let it get rusty. As I hope to lead a church trip to Israel next year, I have been trying to learn Modern Hebrew through the Middlebury Summer Language Institute. At the same time, I am trying to pick up Biblical Hebrew again. I hope to do a ThM in the fall in OT/ Hebrew Bible and eventually teach abroad during future Sabbaticals from church. I'm glad to be here and eager to learn all that I can.

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Jason Hare
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Re: Introducing Michael Wallace

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You didn't mention your amazing singing ability!

I had no idea that you studied Hebrew only ten years ago. In that case, you've got great retention!

Seriously, though, it's really nice to see you here. I'm glad you've joined us.

I'm actually an admin on B-Greek, but I'm a moderator over here at B-Hebrew.

Next week will be the final of our course. I hope to see you in the rabbinic group, too. We'll be finishing Fernández's textbook in a few weeks - and then into the Mishnah!

Talk to you later.

Jason Hare
Tel Aviv, Israel
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