Hello from New York

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Hello from New York

Post by Dameshamroc »

Hello , my name is Damon ☘️ Brady. I'm a mason (brick layer) and I live in upstate NY. I have a hunger to learn and study Biblical Hebrew. I'm just beginning to write and pronounce letters etc. I am open for any advice and help, and look forward to learning from everyone.
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Re: Hello from New York

Post by Shocher »

Hi Damon,
I have just joined here too - and have been learning and loving Hebrew for some years too. A little advice I found very helpful, though it may seem not! I found a write-up somewhere that suggested not using interlinear texts and rather battling on with just the Hebrew- pointed as most Tanachs are. This way our brains learn to concentrate on the Hebrew rather than glancing at the English which might make us 'lazy'. It has worked wonders for me. From a total mouthful of teeth to a fluency I never dreamed possible. Contextual passages like most of Bereshiyt (Genesis) is a lot easier to grasp because of the story-line while Psalms and Prophets can be more difficult. Never stop learning Hebrew - it is hamayim hachayim - (water of life) :) Graeme Wilson South Africa
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