Does this verb exist ?

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Re: Does this verb exist ?

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Jonathan Beck wrote: Wed Mar 31, 2021 7:28 pm What do you think a concordance is? A translation of words according to their contexts. C'mon now.

Unless, of course, you can read a Hebrew concordance, which would not include an English translation of the Hebrew word.

I'm back, people! :)

Hebrew concordance, of course. No English translation. Years ago I bought Lisowski Handkondanz zum Hebräischen Alten Testament (now falling apart) where the only English is a gloss at the beginning of each list of uses. I now supplement it with electronic word searches of the Hebrew text.

I noticed that Lisovski’s glosses tend to be more accurate to actual word uses than Gesenius’.

Karl W. Randolph.
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Re: Does this verb exist ?

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I've got this edition, which I haven't seen in years. It's with my mother back in the States. When I moved to Israel, I picked up this edition (by Even-Shoshan), but it also found its way into someone else's hands. Nowadays, it's only Logos and the Mechon Mamre website.
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