Font distinguishing yerach-ben yomo and atnach hafukh wanted.

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Re: Font distinguishing yerach-ben yomo and atnach hafukh wanted.

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Moses Gummadi wrote: Sun Sep 26, 2021 6:12 pm
Jason Hare wrote: Sun Sep 26, 2021 10:51 am This font also has a slight visual distinction between kamats and kamats katan, as you can see. I once saw a printing of a Tikkun Kor'im in which the printers circled all instances of kamats katan. I wish I had a font that did that. I would use it for beginners when teaching. The slight elongation just isn't clear enough.

This is off topic, but I wonder why don’t we switch to Tiberian pronunciation of vowels, and avoid complicated rules for Kamats Katan. It appears they had the same sound (ɔ) for Kamats and Kamats Katan.
Well, "we" live in a country in which about nine million people speak this language daily and aren't about to go changing their pronunciation. ;) It isn't complicated to someone who already knows the language. It's just complicated to those who are learning it.

Why not just start pronouncing English so that "though," "through," and "enough" all end in the same sound? Do you think you could convince people to change their pronunciation of English? The language is what it is.
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